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Yellow Umbrella

Yellow Umbrella stick insect Eurynecroscia / Tagesoidea nigrofasciata (Redtenbacher, 1908)

Original artwork on canvas

44" x 34" 1118mm x 864mm


The intriguing ghost insect from the Diapheromeridae family in the insect order of the (Phasmatodea) has striking yellow wings with black lines and green wing covers. When fully grown, the insects are 12-13cm long with a wingspan of 13-14cm. The distribution extends across Malaysia around the "Tapah Hills" where the yellow umbrella stick insect occurs in a small area known only to the indigenous people of Malaysia who collect them for trade. Museum records (Museum d’Histoire Naturelle Geneve) also show occurrences from Sumatra (Batak, Bintang) under the name Battacus schneideri Werner.

The other umbrella stick, another subspecies of E. nigrofasciata, with white, black-lined transparent wings, is smaller (7cm) and not as attractive as the yellow shaped ones and exists in Sikkim and Sumatra (Batak, Bintang) as well as on Mount Bakayan from Borneo (Kalimantan, Selatan).

The insect uses interesting camouflage to hide from predators. If the insect sits on a plant stem or stalk, depending on the colour of the plant part and the viewing angle, the underside turns brown, while the top turns a greenish-yellow. If the Stick insect is disturbed, it suddenly spans an umbrella shape where golden-yellow wings fan-out and frighten off the attacker, be it a bird or small mammal.

The eggs are 4 mm long, banana-shaped, coloured in black and green with a grey tip. The eggs need 5-6 months at 20-23 ° C until the nymphs hatch in moist sand. The forage plant is a bay tree, the so-called Madang tree Litsea robusta, which grows up to 23 meters high. Eurynecroscia / Tagesoidea nigrofasciata is not under nature protection but is sustainably protected in the interest of the islanders.


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